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Girls State

ELIGIBILITY:  High school students who participate in and complete either an American Legion Boys State or Auxiliary Girls State program and is a direct descendant, i.e. child, grandchild or legally adopted child of a U. S. Veteran who served during a period of war.  Furnish requested information when completing this application.  Do not attach any documents or additional pages to this application, except as requested.  All other documentation or added pages will be discarded.



City:_______________________________         State: _______________                     Zip___________


Telephone: _________________________         

Date of Birth - Month_____      Day ____   Year______

I am the (state relationship)____________     of (Veteran's Name)      ____________________________

Veteran's Address (if living)________________City________________State______Zip___________

who served active duty during following period: (Check one)

(April 6, 1917 -November 11, 1918) World War I
(December 7,1941 - Today) Legion Act designated Service Dates Until Cessation of Hostilities.
High School Record:  This section to be completed by  a High School Official.

Number of Students in High School _________    Number of Students in Applicant's Class___________
Cummulative Grade Point Average (GPA)____     GPA scale is:_________ (i.e. 4 or 6 or 12 point, etc)

Expected Date of Graduation______________

Signature______________________________     Date _____________________________________
                                                                                                                    Print Name & Title
                                                                                                                   Affix School Stamp or Seal

(Print page and completed application)