Clayton E. Moneymaker American Legion Post 237



Honor Guard Call to Arms

The Post 237 Honor Guard has dwindled down to about half as many members as it once had.  Over the past few years, deaths, members moving away, medical issues or just plain old age has taken its toll on the Honor Guard.  The Honor Guard has been able to maintain operations without denying any request for services, but at times we have had a limited number of available members.   In the past two years we have provided over 200 military funerals, averaging about two per week.  We are on call seven days a week.  Many of our members have full time jobs and can participate only on the weekends, leaving the full-time retirees to fend for the weekdays.  We combine efforts with the Post 229 Honor Guard to fulfill the funeral requests and maintain a perfect record.  Our goal is to have enough members to rotate so that no one person must do all the funerals.  We need your help to make this happen.

If you feel duty bound to pay your respects to veterans in their passing, join the Honor Guard.  The Honor Guard will issue you a summer and winter uniform with all accessories.  All you have to provide is your American legion cap and a pair of black shoes.  Transportation from Post 237 to the assignment and back is provided by the Post 237 van.  The rifle salute uses M1 Garand rifles of WWII vintage that have been restored.

To join the Honor Guard, contact Earl Hokanson the Honor Guard Commander at 256-527-4009.