Clayton E. Moneymaker American Legion Post 237



     a. Shall be charged with the individual records and incidents of the Post and its members.

     b. Shall perform such other such duties as may properly pertain to this office, and as may be determined by the Post or Executive Committee.



     a. Shall initiate and supervise those activities promoting the spiritual welfare of the Post.

     b. Shall offer divine, non-sectarian service at events such as dedications, funerals and public functions, and shall adhere to such ceremonial rituals as are recommended by National or Departmental Headquarters in performing these functions.



     a. Shall preserve order at all meetings.

     b. Shall serve as Post color bearer.

     c. Shall perform other such duties as may be assigned by the Commander.



     a. Shall be charged with the enforcement and administration of the established Post financial policy.

     b. Shall assist in the preparation of the Post budget recommendations, supervision of receiving and accounting for all post funds, and such other functions as may be required as members of the Executive Committee.

     c. Shall conduct a comprehensive inventory of all Post physical property each year and submit a report of the results to the Executive Committee within the sixty day period following the July 1 start of the Post fiscal year. This inventory does not include the same Post/Club consumable/expendable items referenced in ARTICLE VII, SECTION 3, b. The inventory will include all real property locations and buildings and will take note of any leased or borrowed property, that is, any property belonging to other organizations or personal property for which the Post may be liable/responsible/accountable. Included are all installed or free-standing appliances, electrical equipment and machinery, furniture, kitchen equipment and durable utensils, amusement machines, office equipment and machines, loose or hanging furnishings and decorations, historical archived memorabilia, new memorabilia held for resale, plus any other categories of property as directed by the Executive Committee. In the report the Trustees shall recommend to the Executive Committee whether to repair/retain/dispose of items listed on the inventory.

     d. Shall be the custodians of all property of the Post and shall act as agent of the Post in conveying property of the Corporation.

     e. The One Year Trustee shall be the Chairman of the Post Board of Trustees and the Building Committee.