Clayton E. Moneymaker American Legion Post 237



     a.  Shall give professional advice in the conduct of Post business.

     b. Shall be the guardian of the constitutional form of Post government.

     c. Shall supervise and be responsible for all legal matters as pertains to the Post.

     d. Shall interpret the Constitution and By-Laws of the Post and may at any time be called upon by the Commander, other Post officers, or members of the Post to rule on the legality of their actions and decisions insofar as they affect the good of the American Legion.



     a. Shall keep informed of the rights of all veterans and shall advise and assist any veteran, veteran's surviving spouse or other family member, in securing any benefits which may be due any such individuals.

     b. Shall be in charge of the welfare of all post members and their families.

     c. Shall serve as Chairman of the Rehabilitation and Service Committee and the Child Welfare Committee.



The Post Club Manager works at the direction of the Third Vice Commander in accordance with the guidance and direction of the Executive Committee. He/she is charged with the responsibility of all club activities as sanctioned by the House Committee. Subject to the approval of the House Committee he/she shall have the authority to hire or discharge employees such as cooks, bartenders, waitresses, etc., as needed with the approval of the Third Vice Commander and the Commander.

The Club Manager shall be responsible for the safe-keeping and accounting of all moneys received and disbursed in connection with all club activities. He/she shall keep accurate and up-to-date records of all such receipts and expenditures. He/she shall make all such records available for review or audit by the Finance Committee or their designee.

The Club Manager will enforce such house rules as are reasonably necessary to maintain a congenial atmosphere and an orderly establishment. He/she may refuse service to or expel unruly patrons.